Beach Fishing


 There are a huge number of beautiful beach fishing locations in and around this area, many are quite secluded and some require a 4WD vehicle to access. Some of the species that are available to beach fisherpersons include
*Swallowtail Dart *Jew *Snub Nose Dart *Tailor *Yellowfin Bream *Mackeral *Tarwhine *Sharks *Summer and Winter Whiting *Dusky Flathead *Sand and Bartail flathead etc.


 Rock Fishing


 Some of the finest and most consistent rock fishing you will find anywhere is available here! Spots like the famous "catwalk" Agnes Point, Wreck Rock etc can be a mekka for the keen land based fishos. Apart from the usual Bream,Dart,Sweetlip etc we have a whole range of pelagic game species on offer, from some fairly easily accessable rock platforms.
*Spanish Mackeral *Longtail Tuna *School Mackeral *Mack Tuna *Spotted Mackeral *Giant Herring *Golden Trevally *Giant Trevally *Cobia *Queenfish *Black Jew *Kingfish *Tailor
There is also the occassional visit from species such as Sailfish, Small Black Marlin, Mahi Mahi and Yellowfin Tuna.
For those who prefer to fish these areas from a boat, there is easy access from Round Hill creek for even small boats in calm weather conditions.

 Creek and Estuary


  For those who prefer their estuary fishing, there are a large number of options around and close to the area. Some of these include:
*Round Hill Creek *Eurimbula Creek (mud crab sanctuary) *Middle Creek *Jenny Lind Creek *Pancake Creek *Baffle Creek etc.
The range of fish species available is huge but just a few include:
*Barramundi *Queenfish *Mangrove Jack *Trevally *Estuary Cod *Grunter *Silver & Pikie Bream *Burnett Salmon *Flathead *Tarwhine *Whiting etc
Whether fishing the mangrove lined creeks, drifting the channel edges,casting a fly on the sandflats for Golden Trevally etc, or chasing a feed of sweet prawns and succulent mud crabs, you will find it here!



  Once again the opportunities are endless. From the offshore coral reefs, islands and protected lagoons,scattered inshore reefs, trolling for game species, once again we have it all covered! In this area both the more southern species and the northern reef species "mix" to provide an endless variety of opportunities.
Common catches include: *Coral Trout *Nannigai *Red Emperor *Red Throat *Cod *Sweetlips *Snapper *Tuna's *Pearl Perch *Billfish *Mackeral *Cobia *Hussar etc etc